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21 August 2007 @ 01:25 am
mood: tired
series: Moonlight Densetsu by DALI
16 August 2007 @ 04:17 am
… well, as you can see I failed miserably at making another journal layout, which is really disappointing because the layout I made for Okita Sôji ([info]bukitan) over at BNF Brawl turned out so well, and I've been determined to make one I like just as much ever since.  But I haven't been happy with much of what I've been turning out because a lot of it seems to be turning out exactly like For the Love of Pigs, and it makes me really sad inside, because my upcoming Prince of Tennis network really needs an updates system like Livejournal because it's simply easier, and I want it to have a pretty, self-made layout.

I've even been debating for a little while whether or not it should just become a Shônen Jump network, but I think I'm going to stick with my original idea.  There aren't many Prince of Tennis domains out there, so there's so many available and it's a series I do adore through and through - not to mention, the name and school I'm thinking of for it haven't really been used before.  I've seen Fudomine, Hyôtei, and of course Seishun, but none of the others, so you can bet your manga I'm going to go for St. Rudolph all the way!

… gosh, I really do have an unhealthy obsession.  No wonder O-chama becomes so annoyed.
mood: depressed
series: prince of tennis
14 August 2007 @ 06:24 pm
I'm virtually amazed that I have had anime related dreams for two days in a row, and one of them was a series I haven't even fawned over in a while!

character: okita sôgo
mood: embarrassed
series: gintama
16 July 2007 @ 09:40 pm
Oh, God, yes, I would.Collapse )
mood: ecstaticecstatic
series: Viva Rock by Orange Range
03 June 2007 @ 08:32 pm

Because I had to get that out of my system, but seriously; at first, the story was moving a little slowly and I was wondering if it was going to be a worthy ending to such a fantastic movie trilogy. And homigosh it was. Wonderful comedy and adventure, though I can't say I cared much for the romance between Elizabeth and Will. I mean, WTF marrying someone in the middle of a bloody pirate ship battle? But hey, there was plenty Jones x Calypso to go around in this film so that made me happy too. And Beckett -- if I ever like Beckett, please slap me. He has an addiction to tea parties. I shouldn't have said that, though, because now I have horrible mental images in my head. And I think this rambling has virtually nothing to do with TeniPuri, except for the fact that this movie has inspired me to get off of my lazy bum and actually draw the requests of TeniPuri characters a friend of mine has made. So, uh, the Prince of the Caribbean series of fanarts is coming soon starting with Tezuka as Captain Teague. The way Teague got angry every time someone came near to breaking the Pirate's Code in his presence was so ZOMG Tezuka, so that's the first set.

Episode 34: Twist Spin Shot

Nfu.Collapse )

Screenshots: Because Li loves St. Rudolph.Collapse )

mood: giddygiddy
series: I've Got My Eyes On You by Hans Zimmer
06 May 2007 @ 03:54 pm

こんにちは。 テニラブへようこそ!

Hello, and welcome to TeniLove!  You might know me from my lyrics journal under the name Ai and Co.  Out of pure boredom and love for TeniPuri, I've decided to start a media journal for it.  It might include ramblings about my upcoming TeniPuri domain, latest TeniPuri cosplay projects, doujinshi, doujinshi reviews, blogging about the anime or the manga, music, videos, lyrics, and web graphics.  A lot of it might revolve around St. Rudolph or Rikkai because those are my favorite schools <3 In the meantime, I'll end this first post with a few Echizen Ryouma icons from the doujinshi Lovely Cycle, which was scanned and translated by Aku Tenshi.  Double bonus of this doujin was that it not only had FujiRyo, but had adorable pictures of Echizen-han that I couldn't help but make icons out of.  

Urgh, I really despise this new Rich Text format that everybody is using on sites like Fanfiction, Fictionpress, and LiveJournal.  I'm used to HTML, so this is so awkward.  I miss being able to type the code, now I have to go through the toolbar (TT);;

Much love for Echizen.Collapse )

mood: creative
series: Make You Free by Hisoca